Kanawha Valley Scrabble Club

Charleston, WV

NASPA Club #620 — a former club of the North American Scrabble Players Association

July 2012 Inter-club Tournament - Results

The results
Board Trophy

10 players played in our 6-round inter-club tournament on July 21, 2012. There were 5 each from West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. The prize pool was $231, which was a 92.4% return of entry fees.

To correct for large ratings disparities, we have implemented a system of weighted wins (based on the NASPA rating formula) to calculate team standings. Essentially, an upset win earns more credit than an expected win. The details of this implementation are available upon request. We intend to use this system to determine team standings for all future team championships.

Please note: Individual standings and NASPA ratings are not affected by this system.

Western Pennsylvania won 18 games versus West Virginia's 12 overall. Applying the weighting formula, Western Pennsylvania earned 13.781 weighted wins versus West Virginia's 10.481. The championship title and trophy has returned to Pittsburgh where it will remain until 2013. We look forward to WVA vs. WPA 5 in 2013.

1Jeff Cook (WV)1715518901713$100
2Terry Schroeder (PA)1161421631173$70
3Ralph Wivell (PA)114442-711170$50
4James Rizzo (PA)114942-921163
5Aaron McGuffin (WV)120833761206
6Leah Gingerich (WV)76033-130793
7Ed Vith (PA)88333-169902
8Gary Perman (PA)137224-1171334
9Brad Mills (WV)115715-1951111
10Chris Ross (WV)82515-355812

Most average performance

We award a small prize to the most average performer at the event. This year's winner was Aaron McGuffin, and he won a Quiddler game with a retail value of $11.

MVP Awards

The MVP award goes to the person on each team who had the highest number of weighted wins. There is no compensation for this award, just bragging rights.