Kanawha Valley Scrabble Club

Charleston, WV

NASPA Club #620 — a member club of the North American Scrabble Players Association

Tournament information

We have historically hosted at least two tournaments per year. The larger of these has been an open-rated tournament lasting an entire weekend with 40 to 60 people in attendance. The other has been a one-day annual team championship against the Pittsburgh Scrabble Club, NASPA Club #352.

Like many other clubs across the country, we are moving toward having several smaller events throughout the year. These will typically be in addition to the aforementioned.

Tournaments within the last year

No tournaments have been held in West Virginia within the last year, and no one from West Virginia has directed or co-directed an out-of-state event within the last year.


Upcoming events will be listed here as we flesh out their details.

Tournament FAQ

If you've never played in a Scrabble tournament before, this section is for you.

Can anyone play in a Scrabble tournament?
All players must be members of NASPA to participate. You can join NASPA online immediately before the event.
Do I need to be a member of a Scrabble club to play?
No, but you are strongly encouraged to visit a sanctioned Scrabble club near you to get an idea of what tournament play is all about.
You have a tournament listed over a two-day period. Can I just come on one of those days and pay half price?
If a tournament has thirteen games listed, you are expected to play in all thirteen unless an emergency situation arises. Letting players come and go at their leisure would be unfair to the other players and disruptive to the event.
Do Scrabble tournaments have rules?
Yes they do, and NASPA provides an updated copy of the Official Tournament Rules on its website.
I don't want to play, but I'm curious. Can I come watch?
Our events are open to spectators. We do, however, request that you do not cheer, suggest plays, or otherwise disturb games in progress. If you are watching a game and one of its players asks you to move along, please do.
Will you have a Scrabble tournament as part of our fundraiser (or other event)?
Tournaments are sanctioned by our national organization, can be pretty intense, and incur cost to the participants. Probably what you're interested in is a contest, not a tournament. We are quite willing to help with that. Contact us.
If we offer you free meeting space, will you have your event at our facility?
Contact us please!